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Huron John, No. 11

Get to know this rising Chicago artist making music from his basement and dorm room.

Inner State 81 (Part I), No. 10

Get to know your favorite soulchop and electronic music producer.

Mabel Ye aka mobble, No. 09

Get to know this LA-based songwriter and filmmaker combining guitar and animation into bedroom-based projects.

Yury, No. 08

Get to know this Belarus-born artist and producer residing in Brooklyn.

River Moon aka Saint Deepthroat, No. 07

Get to know this 20-year-old Fuschia Pokémon gym leader who's transcended being misgendered.

Munreux, No. 06

Get to know this 21-year-old rising popstar from Florida.

I Experienced Love, No. 05

Get to know this LA-born 20-year-old making alternative music.

Note, No. 04

Get to know this Louisiana-based lo-fi musician and animator.

Skydad, No. 03

Get to know this psychedelic pop artist from Texas.

esther glitchy, No. 02

Get to know this pop-influenced singer-songwriter from California.